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DHS Shutdown - 2-27-2015
TSA Management Representatives: Dan Wyllie, Matt Andrus
AFGE Executive Board: Jerome Coleman, Jules Babauta, Becky Esquivel

*All BUE shall report to work during the furlough. ALL LEAVE will be cancelled during the furlough period. NOTE: If BUE have leave that cannot be cancelled, BUE will be placed on furlough status until they report back to the airport for screening duties.

JC: Annual leave is cancelled, what about approved leave starting tomorrow, soon.

DW: Pre approved leave with tickets probably not going to be an issue.

DW: Employees will be put into a furlough status. FMLA is status quo.

*Furloughed employees MAY or MAY NOT get paid. When the shutdown ends, the decision to pay furloughed employees will be made separately.

JC: Use or loose? DW: follow the guidance under OPM

*Leave balances will have to be looked at for consideration.
*If you have Use or Lose leave approved during this time and report back to work, please track how many days you had approved during the shutdown period.
*BUE who does not have Use or Lose, management says they will try to makeup these lost days.

BE: Can management honor cancelled leave? DW: wrote down the question.

DW: FAQ binder(s) is being created by the NIO team and become available to the BUEs on Sunday..

BE: Creditors letter, Is that generic like last time? DW: some what generic, yes.

JC: Navy Federal offers loans to officers during the shutdown.

DW: like all officers to check the binders daily.

BE: Use the speech by eTAS to contact employees starting Sunday via phone. DW: yes, same verbiage.

BE: Will employees be asked to sign furlough letters? Can refuse to sign? MA: it's so that employees understand furlough, eTAS will state refused to sign.

DW: Communication is key. MA: be unavailable and will be furloughed, unable to check emails.

JC: what about collateral duty officers? 1HR person and 3eTAS people on assignment. All collateral duty officer will be returned to check point or baggage.

DW: One person will be on staff in HR, One person will be staffed in Finance, Three will be staffed in ETAS. All other collateral duties will be postponed and will be reporting to screening at either checkpoint or baggage departments.

MA: side note; JAC Awards and recognition will be disseminated to keep moral up.
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