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March 3, 2015
TSA Management:
Blair Edwards, Anne Catron, Dan Wyllie, Matt Andrus
AFGE E-board:
Jerome Coleman, Jules Babauta

Edwards on Extensions for Disciplinary Actions;
Any request for extensions will be reviewed an will approve only what he feels is necessarily needed.
Jules; Some officers are waiting until the last few days.
Edwards; Management will explain the importance of the deadlines to officers seeking a reply for proposals and or grievance for determinations.
*LOC/LOR is a one step process that can only be Grieved.
*Suspensions/Removal is a two step process that awaits a reply.

Andrus on Official Time Request;
Please submit all request for official time as soon as possible. This will give Matt enough time to review scheduling for possible issues for screening operations.

Andrus on New Hire Training Schedules for Presentations;
*Issue; To prevent last minute notices for AFGE presentations to New Hire classes. I asked if AFGE could be notified on the Training Department's e-mail blast for new hire schedules.
Andrus; New Hire Presentations are mostly on the same day and same time, (1050-1100 on Tuesdays). Management is normally notified three weeks in advance which should allow for adequate time to notify AFGE.

Jerome/Becky on Ken Stephens' wishes to remove briefings from Officers;
Edwards; The briefings will NOT be removed. The Network Information Officers team was created which signifies the important aspect of briefings which is to communicate safety and procedures briefings.

Jules on Television sets in Break Rooms;
Edwards; The purpose of the additional sets of television displays in the break rooms are for better communication of important information. Video messages from Edwards, Wyllie, and Burke will be displayed to broadcast messages that they feel officers would want coming directly from them.
Jerome; Will AFGE material be allowed on these displays?
Edwards; AFGE will be permitted to post information for BUE members to view.

Jerome on Shutdown impact of Use or Lose Leave;
*This issue was discussed in a previous meeting about the shutdown.
Wyllie; This has yet to be decided upon. Decision will be pending the shutdown.

This meeting was prior to the final decision of the shutdown. The Shutdown has been avoided for the year.
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