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July 19, 2016
LAS/AFGE Leadership Meeting
July 19th, 2016
FSD Office, Terminal 1
Dan Wyllie, Matt Davis, Monique Rodriguez, Matt Andrus, Rick Sked
Rebecca Esquivel, Jerry Porter, Jules Babauta, Vanessa Pearson

1. Shift Trades for BDOs
a. Management denying LBDOs to trade with BDOs
* CBA states BDOs/LBDOs are allowed to trade shifts if operational staffing models allow.
* Currently management states that it isn't possible, but is still able to replace absent LBDOs with BDOs.
* Final answer, AUGUST 2ND (Next Meeting)

2. Mandatory OT
* Sunday seems to be the day where Mandatory OT is reoccurring.
* TSMs are reportedly threating officers with AWOLs.
* DAFSD Rodriguez stated that TSM Greg McIntyre and TSM Robin Cotton are aware of officers being unavailable for Mandatory OT. Officers should be allowed to leave if they present their reasons.
* Mandatory OT is briefed as early as possible by Management
* Please convey your situation as soon as this is briefed. It will form better communication with management and they can better prepare for your absence at the end of the shift.
We are a team.

3. OJTs performing TDC, Exit, DO, KCM functions inefficiently/incorrectly
* First Shift OJT New Hires are not efficiently assisting after 1230.
* They have no leadership at the end of First Shift.
* KCM positions are unaware of the need to secure SSI from KCM individuals.
(The Random Sheet is SSI)

4. D Checkpoint Officers Reporting of Harmful Fumes
* This issue was reported recently by officers at the D Security Checkpoint.
* There have been previous concerns reported by STSO Gross for a TSO complaining of respiratory issues. Rick Sked had collaborated with DOA officials involved with the floor renovation below the checkpoint. DOA stated that tests have been conducted which was initiated by airline employees in the Baggage Claim offices on the same floor of the renovation.
* Test have revealed that although all particulates and chemical fumes present a need for Personal Protective Equipment including the use of breathing respirator masks, it does not pose a hazardous condition. The requirement is for the individual physically applying the chemical. There are no risks to individuals, such as officers, in surrounding areas.
* Rick Sked has been closely observing the entire operation since the beginning to ensure the safety of our officers.
* Materials Safety Data Sheets has been reviewed for all chemicals used in the process.
* DOA has said to have completed Air Quality tests during the entire renovation.
* Although DOA has declared the fumes to be harmless TSA Safety with Rick Sked and the Logistics team have been stationing fans to disperse the fumes.
* Odors-YES, Hazardous-NO

5. X-Ray Curtains at Checkpoint
* X-Ray curtains are in need of replacement throughout the airport.
* Dan Wyllie will initiate an inspection of ALL X-Ray equipment in the airport and to report all equipment in need to curtain replacement.
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