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August 2, 2016 - Reschd. 8/5/16
Leadership Meeting
Date: August 5, 2016 (Original date: August 2, 2016)
Location: FSD Conference Room
Time: 1000-1200
In Attendance: AFSD Blair Edwards

Chief Steward Becky Esquivel, Steward Vanessa Pearson


1. Available leave 5 days or closer to date of available leave spaces in eTAS Leave binder.

Discussion between AFSD Edwards and Becky led to Mr. Edwards stating it is at managements discretion. Becky cited CBA Article 4. The discussion was lengthy with management stating there is no violation due to lack of clarification in the CBA and TSA MDs were used. AFSD Edwards explained the required reports for HQ and staffing according to operational needs therefore, DAFSDs would be tasked to approve or disapprove leave accordingly. Becky requested a document be put out to the workforce with this information.

This discussion led to discrepancies with the leave process and information recorded in the Annual Leave book. Specifically, FMLA, Sick, early outs and annual leave combined.

Becky pointed out employees who only take random days and often choose days off last minute. AFSD Edwards made it clear management is going to keep this current process in place. AFSD Edwards advised employees to submit OPM-71ís more than 5 days out. This will help management maintain and plan in advance and in accordance with information reported to HQ.

Discussion of staffing due to part time employees not fully certified and the need to bring in more employees to meet the 90/10 ratio: 90% Full time and 10% part- time employees. Recruitment and new hire will continue until those numbers are met. No conversions from full-time to part-time will be approved until then.

LAS is utilizing overtime and hold-overs mostly from first shift employees to meet the demands of passenger loads.

AFSD Edwards shared record keeping information for open lanes and staffing that is submitted to HQ with projections 5 days out. HQ has access to video monitor and to verify LASí data input on an hourly basis. This program is known as ICC or Incident Control Center.

2. Training and Staff for future OLC.

With the increase in staffing, OLC training will need to be expanded to 7 days a week at Via Austi. Relief Team will have various days of instead of the current Sat/Sun or Sun/Mon in accordance with the CBAShift Bid and seniority for the upcoming bid.

OLC training for checkpoint, baggage and dual will be separated for each group. Management will implement after the shift bid.

4. Upcoming Bid will take place in September. Part-time Officers will have less shifts choices to fill the voids needed according to passenger loads.

E-Board will be notified of Shift Bid meeting which will be later this month.

5. Discussion between AFSD Edwards and Vanessa bout the pilot program and its effectiveness.

Vanessa agreed that the process is good and quicker. Blair talked about the importance of the DO for this pilot.

6. TOPS completion for 2016.

All Self-Assessments will need to be submitted by September 1, 2016, giving Rating Officials time to complete and submit Appraisal Summary and Reports in hopes to have everything finished before the close of fiscal 2016.

Becky inquired about September documentation that would not be used.

Blair stated employees can still submit throughout September, he just wanted rating official to have adequate time to complete all forms for their team.

Blair is encouraging employees to submit all recorded documentation. All forms will be accepted (notebooks, handwritten, etc).

Blair would like all employees to sit with new Rating officials in October 2016, but current rating officials may have to conduct that first meeting.

Becky suggested current rating officials give the necessary 2017 paperwork prior to the close of this fiscal year and meetings take place with the new rating official after the shift bid.

Old Items

Safety Concerns

At the last Leadership Meeting, Safety Officer Rick Sked was tasked to due checkpoint and baggage safety reports and that information was to be discussed at this meeting due to an upcoming inspection in November. AFSD Edwards was not present and had no answers. AFSD Dan Wyllie stopped briefly and stated he has not received that information. Management is looking forward to zero infractions in November. Becky discussed the need for new curtains on the x-ray machines.

DO Instructions

Becky was tasked to write the verbiage for the Doís. Her script was emailed to upper management including AFSD Edwards for approval.
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