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Stop the Attack on Middle-Class Nevadans!Print

AFL-CIO NEVADANevada’s middle class continues to be under attack by some politicians in the Nevada Legislature. We need YOU to take action!

Tomorrow at 8:00am in Assembly Government Affairs the following bills will be discussed:
AB 190 – This bill would undermine the public employee retirement system by creating a two-tier system that will risk retirement security for thousands of middle-class Nevada families.
SB 119 – This bill would destroy prevailing wage, lowering wages for Nevada’s construction workers and hurting Nevada’s small businesses who rely on their purchases. To send a pre-written email on SB 119 click here.
Contact Assembly Government Affairs, TODAY, and tell them to VOTE NO on AB 190 & SB 119.

John Moore – 775-684-8537;
Victoria A. Dooling – 775-684-8821;
Shelly M. Shelton – 775-684-8541;
Lynn D. Stewart – 775-684-8823;
Glenn E. Trowbridge – 775-684-8505;
Stephen H. Silberkraus – 775-684-8855;
Melissa Woodbury – 775-684-8503;
John Ellison – 775-684-8831;

Talking points on Public Employee Retirement System:
Public employee pensions are a modest, but irreplaceable source of security for public employees to which they contribute substantially.

Nevada’s public employee retirement system is paid for largely by the return on the investment. Nevada’s system has led the nation in stability for public employee pensions due to years of conservative investing governed and managed by an accountable public board.

Nevada’s public pension fund is one of the healthiest in the country because it is well managed. Because Nevada has been smart enough to resist schemes other states have fallen victim to, it remains a viable retirement system.

Talking points on Prevailing Wage:
Small, local businesses will suffer if prevailing wage laws are removed. Prevailing wage laws ensure that jobs go to local workers, who shop in local businesses. If you cut workers’ pay, their buying power will be diminished.
Legislators should be trying to attract good, high-paying jobs to Nevada. Instead, this bill lowers the wages of middle class families and sends jobs out of state.

Prevailing wage laws level the playing field for small construction businesses and allow them to fairly compete for government contracts.

Eliminating prevailing wage laws will allow out-of-state contractors to take work that should go to local Nevada businesses. I don’t want my tax payer dollars going to out-of-state companies, whose workers don’t contribute to our local economy.
In Solidarity,

Danny L. Thompson
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