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Message from TSA Council 100Print

TSA Council 100Message from TSA Council 100

On 2/26/15 Council 100 President Hydrick Thomas, EVP Alan Jackimowicz, Regional Vice President Stacy Bodtmann, Chief Counsel David Borer, and Supervisory Attorney Chad Harris met with TSA Labor Management to discuss the pending DHS Shut Down.

All TSA/ BUEs involved in Screening Operations are deemed “Essential Personnel” and must report to their work stations, unless on a RDO, should a Shut Down occur. All Annual Leave Days are cancelled, until further notice, if the DHS is deemed, not funded, as of 1200 Hours on 3/1/15. So at midnight, on Friday Night, the DHS may be Shut-Down, to nonessential personnel, because of Congressional non- funding of DHS. TSA is a part of DHS.

If, however, you have a situation like your Wedding, for instance, a FSD has the authority to grant you time off. You will not be paid until Congress decides to continue funding at a later date. So there are exceptions that can be granted.

On 2/27/15 all Local TSA Presidents need to contact their FSD to arrange for Union Officials to be present at In- Briefs to explain the Shut Down procedures, and answer any concerns. The Council 100 will be available to address those issues. So make sure you E-Mail problems to Chad Harris, or to your Council 100 Regional Vice Presidents to get answered.

The UDRS Grievance Time Lines will be extended for Grievances, or Request for Reviews. Official Time will be granted for immediate Discipline Situations of BUEs that may arise. Official Time to write grievances is still being discussed between the AFGE/ G.C.O. and TSA Legal. We will update as information is given out.

Over Time situations are not clear, and TSA will advise later. One Way Shift Trades will be honored per TSA Legal. So if you now work for example, a 13 Hours One Way Shift Trade Schedule, you can continue to work that schedule.

As more information becomes available, then the Council 100 will keep you informed.

Hopefully, the Shut Down will not occur. But remember you have an obligation to report for work. You are designated as First Responders, and must report to work until the impasse is settled.

On a final note, be careful on what you say to a reporter or TV News Station. Congress wants to privatize TSA, and this is an opportunity to show, why your Airport, doesn’t need to be privatized. Be professional, and act like the victim, who has sacrificed their time, to Keep Americas Airways safe from Terrorism!

In Solidarity,

Hydrick Thomas, President

Alan Jackimowicz, Executive Vice President

Joe Shuker, Secretary/ Treasurer

Stacy Bodtmann, Region #1 Vice Pres.

Mac Johnson, Region#2 Vice Pres.

Vaughn Glenn, Region #3 Vice Pres.

Dave Curtis, Region #4 Vice Pres.

George Stebbins, Region #5 Vice Pres.

Jerome Coleman, Region #6 Vice Pres.

Council 100 President
Hydrick Thomas
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