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Message From Council 100 11/9/17Print

TSA Council 100Message From Council 100

TSA/NRC has decided to destroy our Contract and not allow 95% of the not agreed upon clauses in the current CBA ( The Yellow Areas) to proceed and be heard by a panel of 3 Neutrals. This is not Bargaining in Good Faith and has confirmed the fact that TSA Legal had no intention of ever addressing the Workers needs and improving working conditions at the Airports.

This Arrogant Elitist Attitude of TSA Management has not changed. Instead of building bridges TSA Management is intent on tearing down what little progress was gained in the first CBA.

The series of TSA losses before Arbitrators has exposed TSA Management and their abusive behaviors toward our Bargaining Unit Employees over the last 15 years. TSA is nothing more than a Bully in the schoolyard.

If they can't have their way legally, then just change the rules to suit themselves.

On Thursday November 9,2017 the Council 100 will have a Conference Call with AFGE Legal to discuss our options. It looks like more trips to Congress and mass demonstrations are coming. We need your support!

The Senate just sent TSA Administrator Pekroske a Survey of TSA Employees that showed 49% of the workforce felt intimidated by TSA Management. This needs to end. Intimidation feeds the Bully. We need to stand up to the Bully and we do it through the Media and the flying public.

TSA has few friends in Congress we need to show Congress why in the last 10 years 72,000 TSA workers quit and ask why Congress allows over 2 Billion of Tax Dollars to be wasted on training TSOs only for them to quit.

After the Conference Call the Council 100 will inform all Local Presidents of our plans.

In Solidarity,

AFGE Council 100
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