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Stop the Attack on Middle-Class Nevadans!Print

Contact Assembly Government Affairs, TODAY, and tell them to VOTE NO on AB 190 & SB 119.

New York airport alarm reveals stowaway dog in checked luggagePrint

AAFES/ DECA ConsolidationPrint

I need everyone’s support on spreading this important message to the community, your local, and at the National level.

Army and Air Force Exchange System (AAFES) - Defense Commissaries Agency (DeCA)

UPDATE: DHS Funding for FY 2015 and Impact to TSA EmployeesPrint

TSA SecretaryThankfully, Congress has passed an appropriations bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security.

Message from the SecretaryPrint

TSA AdministratorMarch 3, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Some very good news: a little while ago the House voted to enact a clean, full-year appropriations bill for the Department of Homeland Security. The Senate passed the same bill last Friday. It is now on the way to the President’s desk for signature. It is a good bill, and provides $39.7 billion to fund vital homeland security missions.

House Speaker John Boehner: DHS Shutdown Is Not 'An Option'Print

Message from TSA Council 100Print

TSA Council 100On 2/26/15 Council 100 President Hydrick Thomas, EVP Alan Jackimowicz, Regional Vice President Stacy Bodtmann, Chief Counsel David Borer, and Supervisory Attorney Chad Harris met with TSA Labor Management to discuss the pending DHS Shut Down.

Karen Burke: DHS ShutdownPrint

AFGE NEVADAI don’t know if you have seen the piece “TSA Workers Deserve More than an IOU” from our Acting Administrator Mel Carraway. I have copied the article below as a subset of my letter, because I believe it represents how the leadership and many others feel regarding the upcoming potential DHS shutdown.

A message from Harry Reid about the DHS ShutdownPrint

AFGE NEVADAIn 3 days, funding for the Department of Homeland Security will run out.
Democrats in the Senate will not stand for a funding bill with poison pills attached. If the Tea Party wants to beat up the President over immigration, they can do it another time.
We cannot play politics with a department critical to our national security. It’s too important. And House Republicans need to know that we won’t let them get away with it.
Join my colleagues and me in urging Congress to keep the Department of Homeland Security open and running. Sign our petition.